Digital Curator Toolkit

This toolkit aims to support people to use the knowledge in stories of lived experience to create positive change and impact within their communities. It covers the same topics as the Our Voices Digital Curator Training Programme and has three distinct sections:

  1. Sourcing stories via various digital storytelling methods and story banks
  2. Curating stories by analysing their content and packaging this analysis into digital outputs
  3. Mobilising stories and curated digital outputs by connecting them decision-makers who are in a position to create positive change for communities

In each section of the toolkit there is information on the subject matter to enable you to develop your digital story curation skills. At the end of each section, there is a guide for facilitators and adapted resources and activities that will support you to deliver digital story curation training activities in informal learning environments and/or community settings. Specifically, this guide focuses on making story curation accessible for learners with low levels of literacy and academic ability (including those with learning disabilities).

The toolkit concludes with some additional resources readers might find useful when delivering curation activities and to support your continued professional development in this field.

Digital Curator Toolkit

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