Reflections on Our Voices – CSRMP

As Our Voices comes to an end, our partners have spent time reflecting on the project. We are updating the blog with a series of short videos featuring interviews with our various different partner organisations to uncover their learnings.

In our second video, Kasia from CSRMP, our Polish partner, discusses what the organisation has learned from the project.

Kasia tells us how CSRMP improved their knowledge of and skills in digital curation over the course of the project, as well as how to train and engage people in the process of storytelling and curation. This has now evolved into CSRMP including stakeholders in their regular activities.

This also shows how the organisation will continue to use the results of Our Voices going forward, as their stakeholders now understand storytelling and digital story curation, leading them to develop their stakeholder network and get them involved in local activities.

“This is very powerful,” says Kasia.

Watch Kasia’s interview below to hear her full reflections on the project.

The project may be coming to an end, but the Digital Curator Training Programme and all its various assets are available to download here.

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