Manchester Partnership Meeting

And we’re off!

Our Voices is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and aims to catalogue and mobilize their stories, connect them with different people, communities and organisations, and create important dialogues to inform policy and decision makers and, change or improve the ways things are done. Over a three year period, the Our Voices project we will establish a pan-European partnership that will support communities, particularly those that are marginalised or excluded, to use their voice to create change. We will do this by:

  • DESIGNING a digital curation training programme
  • DEVELOPING a digital curator learner book and
  • LAUNCHING an online digital curation resource bank

The project involves a partnership between six European organisation, which together reflect the geographical and cultural diversity of the European Union. These organizations are: People Voice Media (United Kingdom), Comparative Research Network (Denmark), Change Maker AB (Sweden), Cosv (Italy), Intras Foundation (Spain) and CSRMP (Poland). More information and contact details can be found here.

The learning from and resources developed as part of the Our Voices project will enable people’s stories of their lived experience to become meaningful data which can contribute to social change. This project will provide people and communities with the knowledge and tools to curate and catalogue their own experiences through a tailored training curriculum to create insight for instigating development and social change.

The project started in Salford, where the partnership held its kick of meeting in October 2016. The meeting explored each of the work packages in depth and how these were going to be delivered. Each partner received feedback on the work package and went away to develop more detailed plans. The partnership also planned the next transnational partnership meeting (to be held in Milan, May 2017) and planted the seeds of developing stakeholder groups for the project. There was a good discussion on the curator curriculum and we explored some initial ideas on how this could be achieved. The meeting not only explored the project but was a great event that brought the partnership together. Below is a video summarising the event. Watch this space for how this project grows!

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