Reflections on Our Voices – People’s Voice Media

As Our Voices draws to a close, our partners have spent time reflecting on the project. We will be updating the blog with a series of short videos featuring interviews with our various different partner organisations to uncover their learnings.

In our first video, Hayley from People’s Voice Media, our UK partner, discusses what the organisation has learned from the project.

As you will see, one of the key learnings Hayley took from the project is that, before Our Voices, there¬†was¬†no method for curating digital stories. “There is no real method for working with stories in the type of way we set out to. So, I guess we learned that we were, kind of, pioneers and we were designing this from bottom up really.”

On how People’s Voice Media changed during the Our Voices Project, Hayley points out that it prompted them to become more systematic and to think more about processes when curating digital stories, as well as encouraging them to think more about impact.

Hayley also discusses how the results of Our Voices will live on through PVM’s partnership with NHS AQua – an NHS improvement service – who are continuing to use digital story curation in order to improve patient experiences of the NHS.

Watch Hayley’s interview below to hear her full reflections on the project.

The project may be winding down, but the Digital Curator Training Programme and all its associated assets are available to download from our Resources section.

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