Reflections on Our Voices – CRN

As Our Voices comes to a close, our partners have spent some time reflecting on the project. We are publishing a series of short videos featuring interviews with our various partner organisations to examine their learnings.

In this video, Martin from CRN – Our Voices’ German partner – discusses how his organisation has changed as a result of the project.

“We became much firmer in the methodology, and we also established us more in the area of storytelling,” he says, before mentioning how this has improved social impact. He also discusses how CRN exported the methodology to other partners, thereby expanding the expertise available.

Martin mentions that as well as applying the methodology to new projects going forward, the organisation will also be embedding it in existing projects, as the methodology allows them to actually do something with stories which, previously, would have just been gathered.

Watch Martin’s interview below to hear his full reflections on the project.

The project may be finishing, but the Digital Curator Training Programme and all its resources are available to download here.

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