Final project meeting

The Our Voices team met in Berlin to define the last actions to take before the end of the project. It has been an important meeting to value the whole project process and set the basis to keep using and improving the methodology, through local activities and possible new projects proposals.

On July 11th and 12th, Comparative Research Network organized a meeting in Berlin with all the partners of the Our Voices project. With the products finalized and the project’s end quite close, it was the moment to value the whole experience that lead us to the creation of the Digital Curator Curriculum, Toolkit and Resource Bank.

The project started on September 2016, when the consortium coordinated by People Voice Media begun finding a way to give voice to the unheard and change the perception of society about many misunderstood realities. Two years have passed since then and an innovative methodology based on the use of digital technologies to create impacting stories and promote positive changes has been elaborated. A new concept – that of digital curation– has been developed.

The partners involved in the project have been testing the products and are now focused on their adaptation to different local contexts and sectors. The adaptability, indeed, has been defined as one of the main strengths of the outputs and each partner will try to work on this aspect to make the products tailor their specific sectors.

Regarding the sustainability of the products, that is now one of the main interests of the team, some actions have been set. The website will become an archive where the products will remain accessible without restrictions. The partners will keep delivering trainings, disseminating the products and looking for new funding opportunities.

We hope that the methodology will keep being used in a meaningful way and that it will help people to achieve positive changes through the use of their voices.

Visit the Our Voices website and put it to your favorites bar. The contents will remain accessible and we are sure you will make a good use of them.

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