About the Project

Our 'Voices' create impact through mobilisation of data project will contribute to build and expand the foundation of a sustainable European network of digital Community Reporting centers which will reach out to individuals and communities especially those who are isolated or excluded. The project is funded by the E.U Erasmus + Programme.

People's stories can add rich qualitative data to projects and provide research teams and organisations with unique insight.

These stories can be used to identify key themes, inform findings and conclusions, and positively impact on policy, service design and local agendas for social change. Digital Community Reporting is a powerful tool for collecting these stories from citizens but there is no coherent mechanism for making these digitally-generated stories, which provide valuable accounts of their lived experience, accessible to decision- and policy-makers. The project intends to develop a pan-europeon curator training programme to bring these stories together to provide insight to these groups .

The innovative training curriculum and framework for these curators will add value to the data, and the resource database will provide support to mobilise the data and present it through open-access digital platforms. These curators will be able to evaluate the stories emerging from their digital-story telling communities, and present these stories as meaningful data in a media format.

Our bid’s key objectives are to develop:

  • Inter-national strategic partnerships across Europe to sustain and maintain strong in-country networks for grass roots communities and individuals to find and use their "voice“ through the fast growing digital Community Reporting networks.
  • A sustainable, pan-European community of curators working together to catalogue and mobilise data in a meaningful way to pinpoint local, regional, national and international trends, needs and issues.
  • Connections with key decision and policy makers in-country and internationally to ensure that community voices are heard and responded to by actions and policies which have positive social impact.

The key deliverables for the project our:

The development of a Digital Curator Training Programme

This training programme will include a guideline document to trainers, organisers and facilitators. All partners will develop an initial study to identify existing digital Community Reporting organisations and how they are collecting, cataloguing and sharing data. A workshop will review and discuss the findings, with the main goal of identifying key competences which should be included in the training programme. Once the key competences are identified, the curriculum will be developed and a Train Trainer programme undertaken to equip digital curators with the skills, competences and knowledge to curate the stories from the diverse communities.

Digital Curator Learner Book

Since Our Voices aim is to enable everybody to participate and tell their stories, the partnership will look at disadvantaged learners. The e-Learning book will provide a non-verbal approach on delivering the outputs of the project to learners with reading/writing and language challenges. The book is especially designed for groups such as Roma and Refugees but will also include learners with learning difficulties and literacy issues. The book will contain the same learning modules as described in the Digital Curator Training Programme but offer additional inclusive learning materials.

Resource Bank of Virtual Library

This web based resource bank (database) will allow users to locate supportive materials such as articles, audios, videos, existing web resources and any items and fields of information that will support the training of digital curators. It will also act as virtual library where curated stories will be shared. It will be categorised to reflect the area of interest e.g., learning, support materials, fields of interest e.g socially isolated groups, immigrants, etc. It will would also be linked to supportive learning materials, webinars and signpost e-learning platforms linked to the project. It will also provide access to project social media platforms, forum and chat room. This will continue to be added to, and interacted with, after the life time of the project so it will continue to contribute towards the development of networks, build awareness of the Digital Curator training programme and its important role in the future of the digital community reporting field.